About Us

As an experienced ADI I have found both leasing and buying my own car to teach in has its advantages and limitations. The biggest limitation is when your car breaks down or you cannot source a suitable replacement car fitted with dual controls following an accident.
Being a privately run company we take great care in our service and work our hardest to meet your needs, cars can come ready fitted with all the extra mirrors you may need or even a full tank of fuel to get your day off to the best start, delivery can be done at any time of day to suit you.
We have a range of manual and automatic cars to choose from, prices do vary depending on age and spec of the car you wish to hire.
Our cars can be hired for any length of time
Need a car for a day to cover a service on your own car or just to get your pupil to test if your car breaks down.
If you have a write off following an accident and need a dual control replacement for an unspecified length of time we are happy to offer a car at a competitive rate as not to burn a hole in your pocket.
Insurance is no longer supplied with the car but a temporary addition to your policy is a cheaper easier way to keep you on the road.